Linear calculations

The most cost-effective method within the Finite Element MethodвЂôs range. Especially steel and aluminium structures are well suited for this method.
Ronald Claessens
Specialist linear calculations

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Non-linear calculations

May yield a much more accurate result with designs that: are made of plastic materials, allow large deformations, rely on membrane effects for stiffness, or are made up of contacting parts.
Maarten van der Burgt
Specialist non-linear calculations

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For designs that have to withstand loads that change all the time or are extremely cyclic in nature.
Ruud Tilburgs
Specialist dynamics

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If the design requirements include brief dynamic events, such as drop tests, crash tests, ballistic impact, or blast wave propagation, explicit analysis is often the most practical method.
Tom Aalmers
Specialist Explicit Calculations

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