Femtec provides finite element calculations for the automotive industry; from the complete coachwork of a bus to the humble mechanism of an electric mirror. All of these calculations are done in a timely and cost-efficient fashion. Our customer base comprises builders of buses, passenger cars, ancillary suppliers and makers of aftermarket products. This customer base requires stiffness calculations, fatigue assessments, gear calculations and many other analyses. All can be left in our capable hands.

Not only can we provide a finite element mesh of a complete design in a short timeframe, we can also be of service in the start-up phase of a design. Most often this turns out to be the most efficient way of working. Early on in the design process we can inform customers of the strong and weak points in a concept design; whether the subject is the coachwork, a composite body or a suspension. When we are involved in the design process, our experienced professionals are able to assist in every phase in an effective manner.

Buckling calculations.

Buckling is the failure of a structure under compressive stress, long before compressive material failure would occur. Especially when calculating slender structures, ignoring buckling effects can lead to unsafe or even hazardous situations. Femtec is able to predict the buckling response of structural components, using two different methods. Depending on the accuracy needed, a simplified linear buckling check may suffice, or a more sophisticated non-linear buckling analysis may be needed. This includes material yielding effects and imperfections.

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