Femtec has thorough experience in using finite element technology in the field of civil engineering. The support we provide in this field is not limited to design checks but also includes design optimisation studies. Depending on the accuracy desired, we can perform analyses ranging from basic static checks to sophisticated time domain analyses to predict the structural response during extreme conditions such as blast loads, collision and earthquakes. Where necessary, our finite element studies are supplemented with standard code checks.

Although our finite element technology is predominantly used for civil engineering works involving steel and concrete, we have steadily expanded our field of expertise to the areas of masonry and wood. Our powerful software enables us to trace the structural behaviour of civil works during and after these critical events.

Our recently completed works include the structural design of a transportation hub, river jetty and concrete superstructure, to name just a few. We have experience modelling the structural parts of a wide range of constructions in the civil area; from large scale architecture such as train stations to private residences, and from foundations to roof structures and even the safety measures needed on top of these roofs.

Earthquake calculations

The response of buildings to earthquakes is dependent on many factors, such as soil type, height, weight and weight distribution of the building, as well as the actual earthquake spectrum occurring at the building’s location. The analysis of the earthquake response is a highly dynamic problem where we apply our expertise in this calculation type.

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