Within the versatile energy industry, Femtec provides support for the design, optimization and certification of a vast variety of structures. This allows for more efficient design, which in turn reduces environmental pollution and costs.

The calculations we provide for the energy industry are very diverse. In the petrochemical industry, analyses are performed for offshore constructions - for example oil rigs, transport of equipment and FPSOs. These types of calculations range from static linear calculation of incidental loads, fatigue calculation based on wave loads, blast calculations to dynamic response analysis.

Another part of the industry specialises in wind power. Emphasis of calculations for this industry is on high frequency fatigue analysis. Many dynamic effects are translated to a quasi-static condition where a fatigue life prediction can be made using Palmgren-Miner’s damage summations for a provided fatigue spectrum.

A third way to convert energy is with the use of a waste facility. High temperatures are required for efficient conversion of waste material. The construction responsible for the heat transfer is therefore loaded with high thermal cycles. Femtec can provide transient heat transfer analysis to optimize the design to handle these extreme conditions, resulting in less down time due to maintenance and repairs.

Norms and standards

In the marine and off-shore sector, classification and certification are a must. We perform calculations and produce reports according to EUROCODE (NEN/DIN/FEM/BS), DNV-GL, LR, ABS, BV, AISC, TÜV, Noble Denton or NORSOK on customer request.

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