In development of a machine, design engineers need to know exactly how a certain design will behave once in use.

Whether the critical effect is precision, stiffness, resonant frequency or modal response, Femtec can analyse each design and take into account any factor or condition. We provide contact analyses with friction, thermal calculations and accurate assessments of welded or bolted connections with pre-tension.

Our comprehensive knowledge of engineering combined with advanced software form a perfect combination for analyses that propel designs even further along the cutting edge of technology.

Aside from our extensive expertise and comprehensive technical knowledge, customers can also take advantage of our approachable way of working and our designer spirit. We know what customers need - a solid and dependable analysis and practical advice. We provide just that; pro-active advice in the development of a completely new machine, or on the effects of the modification of an existing one. Customers can refer directly to our analysts, who are abreast of all that goes on in your project.

Femtec is a committed partner in development.

Semicon: In the field of mechatronics, strength and stress are rarely an issue. More often than not in this field, the issues of note are precision, stiffness, temperature dependence and natural frequencies. Semicon uses exclusive materials with very specific material properties like carbon, ceramics, invar, stavax and so forth. Femtec’s experience with these issues and materials is invaluable to our customers.

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