Femtec has performed many calculations for the off-shore market. Subjects for calculation are complete ships or parts thereof, as well as platforms, dredging equipment, sluice doors and many other constructions used off-shore.

We specialize in exceptionally fast and accurate CAE calculations. We put great store in a good intake process, in which we discuss the objective of the calculation, needed measurements and loading conditions.

We can develop a concept design based on solid preliminary calculations, within given boundary conditions. We do not only use finite element analysis to base this on; scantling calculations performed with MATHCAD also give valuable input.

Our extensive experience in the off-shore market results in an advantage for our customers; we are knowledgeable in the specific technical terminology and we know the leading procedures and targets in the industry.

We offer advice in all possible areas; the processing of wind loads, deck loads and wave loads as well as flexural moments and lateral forces working on a ship’s hull. Determining these loads as well as post-processing tasks are supplemented with MATHCAD calculations where needed.

We take care not to get stuck in impressive narratives, but focus purely on performing the necessary tasks required by the customer. Those tasks are performed well and the results are easy to see in our clear and concise conclusions and recommendations. This makes it possible for you to go forward with your project with complete confidence.

Norms and standards

In the marine and off-shore sector, classification and certification are a must. We perform calculations and produce reports according to EUROCODE (NEN/DIN/FEM/BS), DNV-GL, LR, ABS, BV, AISC, TÜV, Noble Denton or NORSOK on customer request.

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